Wednesday, February 6, 2008

if that was false labor, why is there a baby in my pants?

Charryse Brooks of Norwood, Ohio was pregnant and due on February 22. Late last week (Jan 31), she believed that felt labor contractions and went to the hospital.

Hospital workers briefly looked at Charryse and assured her that she was having "false labor." They sent her home.

Once home, the false labor pains continued and seemed to be getting stronger. Finally, Charryse told her husband, Tim, that they needed to return to the hospital.

Tim and Carryse got to the car but Carryse was unable to open the door-- for good reason. She looked at her husband and said, "Tim, the baby's here."

There in the driveway, Tim reached down in time to catch his new baby daughter in the leg of Charryse's sweat pants. Mackenzie Nichole Brooks was born at 4lbs. 3oz..

They drove to the hospital with the umbilical cord still attached. This time, they weren't sent home.

what do you bet they still had to pay the doctor?

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