Monday, February 11, 2008

just in time for Valentine's Day: garlic chocloate

Tired of buying chocolates in that big red cellophane covered heart?
Bored by the looks of the Whitman Sampler?

Here is a sure thing to capture the affection of your loved one on Valentine's Day: black garlic chocolate.

The new confection is being offered by a chocolate company in Takko, Japan. Takko is in a top garlic-producing region, so, they have tried to incorporate their home-grown product into the new candy.

The candy contains black garlic (which, we are told, has a sweet-and-sour prune-like taste), covered with chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder.

But what about the nasty garlic-smell the candy will leave on your loved-one's breath? One company spokesman observed, "If both people eat them, there will be no problem!"

The chocolates are available on the Internet (if you read Japanese) directly from the homepage. Make sure you buy at least two so that you don't notice each other's peculiar odor.

memo to marketing strategists for this product: you might not want to describe the taste of black garlic as "sweet-and-sour prunes." I can't think of too many flavors nastier than garlic with a hint of prune.

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