Tuesday, February 26, 2008

thief finds the love of his life

It was love at first sight. Too bad "first sight" happened during a robbery.

Bruno Perez, 31, robbed a post office in Genoa, Italy. During the robbery, he pointed his gun at Lucia Marcelo, 21, and demanded that she give him the money that was in her drawer. She complied and handed over the money.

Bruno escaped with the money but apparently he left his heart behind. He just couldn't get Lucia out of his mind.

So, the next day, Bruno revisited the post office with a bouquet of flowers for Lucia, some of the money he had stolen, and an apology.

He gave the flowers to Lucia and asked his love out for a date. Lucia took the flowers and engaged Bruno in conversation. Meanwhile, Lucia hit the silent alarm.

The police came. Bruno was arrested within minutes. It looks like the date isn't going to happen.


Guess she wasn't a sucker for a guy with money.

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