Friday, February 15, 2008

maybe he should have worn boxers instead of briefs

We read about the man who disguised himself as a tree. We heard about the man who disguised himself with drywall compound. We have seen pictures of a man who disguised himself as a, well, we don't know.

But yesterday, in English, West Virginia, Jerry Keene, 40, and Elizabeth Blankenship, 48, tried a new disguise: underwear.

According to Chief Deputy sheriff Mark Shelton, Elizabeth first entered Hillbilly Market to check it out. Shortly after she left, Keene entered the convenience store with underwear over his head and a gun in his hand.

Keene waved his gun and demanded money. The clerk gave him what was in the drawer and Keene made his get away. Unfortunately for Keene, his disguise didn't work. Witnesses were able to identify him even with underwear over his head.

Blankenship and Keene were both arrested for armed robbery.

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