Monday, March 24, 2008

the 682* pound corn flake

A few weeks ago, 15-year-old Emily McIntyre of Chesapeake, Virginia, grabbed a handful of Frosted Flakes breakfast cereal while she was on her way to class.

As she was putting one of the flakes into her mouth she noticed something peculiar about it. "Oh my goodness," she said, "it is Illinois." She showed it to some others who agreed that the flake looked like a map of the state of Illinois.

Seeing potential profitability in the flake, her sister, Melissa, and her parents suggested that Emily try to sell it on eBay. She did just that, hoping to have some fun with it.

The current bid for the flake? more than 682* British pounds, which is approximately equivalent to $1350.*

The flake is currently in safe keeping, awaiting shipment. Emily plans to invest some of the money in more Frosted Flakes in hopes of replacing the treasure she is selling.

It looks like a flake wants to buy the flake.

By the way... I have a square of a Hershey Bar that looks just Wyoming, if anyone is interested.

*Note: this post has been corrected. The original post cited an Ananova story that stated the flake was purchased for 100,000 pounds. Ananova was apparently incorrect. See my retraction and other links to this story:

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