Monday, March 17, 2008

no more lost remote

"Where the heck is that stupid remote?"
"Honey, have you seen my car keys???"

A team of scientists in Japan have recently invented a pair of glasses that are able to answer those questions for you.

The glasses have a miniature camera installed and recognition software on board. The glasses record everything that the wearer sees. Then, it can use the recognition software to locate any objects that have been recorded.

For example, if the wearer loses his keys, he can say, "Where are my keys?" The software then searches though its video log and accesses the last point where it spotted keys. Then, the glasses can play back that section of video where the keys were last seen.

Today, the glasses can be trained to identify any number of objects. Eventually, the glasses will be even more intelligent than the wearer, being able to recognize things that he doesn't.

According to inventor Professor Yasuo Kuniyoshi, the glasses are still too large for everyday use but are being miniaturized for that purpose.

Where did I put my stupid glasses?

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