Friday, March 14, 2008

let me read your asparagus

We have heard of people who claim to tell the future by reading: the palm of your hand, tea leaves, skin moles, coffee grounds, and stars. There was even the story of a man who claimed he could tell the future by reading a person's buttocks. (see link below)

But now, there's a new one: asparagus.

Jemima Packington of Worcester in England claims that she can tell a person's future by looking at how asparagus lands after it is tossed in the air.

She refers to herself as an "asparamancer" and says that she learned of her gift when she was a child.

In an interview with BBC News, she said, "I can't even remember what prediction I made when I was young but my family went very quiet and it came true and the rest is history." (Apparently, she can tell the future but not the past.)

As another example of her ability, she tells of a time that she did a reading for actor Tony Robinson. She threw some asparagus into the air and it landed in the shape of a number four. Therefore, she told him to seize an opportunity that would present itself. (It is not clear why the number 4 led her to that advice.)

Ms. Packington is showing her technique at the British Trade and Travel Fair this week.
bottom story -

Asparagus is too expensive. Try broccoli.

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