Friday, March 28, 2008

its true! you can get anything on Craig's List

Robert Salisbury recently received an unusual phone call. While away from his home in Oregon, a woman called and asked Robert if it was "OK" to take his horse.

Of course it wasn't OK. Why ask?

The woman was responding to a fake ad on Craig's List (an internet "classified ads" site) which stated that everything in the Salisbury home was free for the taking.

Robert returned to a home that was quickly losing its contents. He stopped one man with a truck that was filled with his stuff, including ladders and lawn equipment. When confronted, the man in the truck refused to return the items, citing the Craig's List ad.

Jacksonville police have notified the public that Robert's property is not up for grabs and anyone caught with his things will face prosecution.

Oddly, this is not the first such incident.

Last year in Tacoma, Washington, a woman's home was ransacked and stripped because an ad was placed on Craig's List telling people that the contents were free for the taking.

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