Friday, March 7, 2008

two thiefs, two mistakes, one lesson.

They are unrelated stories but have one lesson to be leaned: when attempting to steal something, do not carry large objects that announce you as the thief.

The first story happened back in January when a woman in Sweetwater, Tennessee was found lurking around a church at night. When stopped by the police, Jennifer Hunt, 35, was asked to produce some identification. At that moment, a crowbar just happened to drop out of her pants. She also carried a screwdriver in her pants.

Hunt claimed that she was behind the church relieving herself and could not understand why pry marks that fit her crowbar were found on the rear door of the church.

In a second and unrelated story, last week, a German man was arrested for shoplifting a suit. He tried to hide the suit by wearing it under his street clothes. His mistake? He forgot to take the suit off the hanger.

One police officer observed, "Only a sign saying 'stop me, I'm a thief!' would have made the thief look more unprofessional."

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