Friday, March 21, 2008

dog hair: it's not just for dogs anymore

Most normal people like dog hair when it is actually being worn by a dog. But once it leaves the animal, we think of it as a nuisance. After all, dog hair fills the brush and clogs the drain. It gets embedded into the carpet. It collects in the corners of the dog-bed.

Well, here's an idea: why not clean the brush and comb the hair out of your carpet... and then make a pull-over coat with it? If Rover doesn't shed enough, you can wait for him to die and then use all his hair to finish your project.

What an idea! Just think of the coziness. Think of the warm memories you'll have of your loving pet. Imagine your smell on a wet day. Imagine the other dogs wanting to sniff you.

Sound like a bad idea? Not according to Beth and Brian Willis.

It seems that Mrs. Willis saw Princess Diana wearing a dog-fur coat one day and thought "Gee, I what a good idea. I can make my Brian one of those." And she did.

She first made a sweater for her husband from hair they collected around the house. That was such a success that when their Swedish Lapphund died, they made another jumper out of her.

thanks, Robert, for alerting me to this story.

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FriendinME said...

lol I have to agree with that... especially if the dog is dead! yeeesshhhh.