Thursday, March 27, 2008

the husband she bought was a major pain

Liu Lian of Datong city in China found the perfect man to date her daughter. His name was Li Zhanyu. He was university educated and a major in the Chinese army. He also had ties that could give her daughter a good job.

Maj. Li Zhanyu said he wanted to date Liu's daughter (and eventually marry her), but unfortunately, he was committed to another woman. To satisfy the commitments he made to the other woman, he needed approximately $22,000.

For Liu Lain, it seemed like a good deal. For $22,000, her daughter would get a respected husband and a good job. So, she sent Li Zhanyu the money he needed to satisfy his commitment.

Unfortunately, after Liu sent the money, Major Zhanyu disappeared.

Realizing she had been probably been cheated, Liu reported the situation to the authorities.

The police caught up with Li Zahnyu at an internet cafe and arrested him for fraud. When he was arrested, Zahnyu was incensed. He said, "You'll regret this. You'll pay for this. I'll call the leaders of the National Public Security Department."

hmmmm..... The police noticed that Li had a rather high voice for a man.

It was at that point that they learned that the conman was actually a conwoman. Major Li Zahnyu's real name is Li Xu... a woman who had been disguising herself as a male army officer for the past two years.

She has confessed for cheating at least two others out of money by using the same marriage ruse. She is facing charges.

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