Wednesday, March 19, 2008

how not to pop the question

It seemed like a romantic idea at the time. A London man named Lefkos Hajji, wanted to "pop the question" to his fiancee, Leanne. Literally.

His idea was to hide her $12,100 diamond engagement ring inside a helium balloon. Then, he would present it to her and "pop" the question.

Now, some of us see the obvious danger in hiding a ring inside a helium balloon. Lefkos didn't.

After leaving the balloon store, a gust of wind swept the balloon out of his hand. Like a bad dream, Lefkos saw her ring (and his money) floating calmly away in a balloon.

He tried to chase it in his car for two hours, but it soon became a mere dot vanishing on the distant horizon.

Said Lefkos: "I just watched as it went further and further into the air. I felt like such a plonker."

Leanne, 26, has shown what a worthy bride she will be. She is not speaking to Lefkos until she gets a new ring.

I am not sure what a plonker is, but I am guessing that Lefkos should go with his feelings on that one.

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