Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the perfect crime... almost

Last week, a man in Liberty, Pennsylvania sat in his car for 20 minutes, waiting for just-the-right moment to execute his plan.

His plan was to rob the Citizens and Northern Bank of Liberty and get away without a hitch.

Shortly after noon, he pulled his ski mask over his face, picked up his rifle, and headed to the front door of the bank. It was a bold plan: robbing a bank single-handedly in broad daylight.

The man approached the front door of the bank and pulled on the handle to open it. It was locked. That branch closes for lunch for an hour every day at noon.

The man quickly retreated to his car and drove away.

Unfortunately for him, some bank employees spotted the attempt and wrote down his license plate number. The 28-year-old man was tracked down by police and thrown in jail. He is being held for $50,000 bail.

next, he will plan his prison escape

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