Thursday, July 9, 2009

curious warning labels

and if you can't read this warning either, then never mind.

does that mean I should dispose of this in a fire or not?
and where would a battery explore?

I think my 2 year old is under 3...

for more interesting labels, click the labels label below. :)


Josh said...

Personally I wonder where the battery is exploring?

FriendinME said...

I changed the post to reflect your wondering, Josh. :)

Cooper Green said...

Hi, Friend

Thanks for posting a pic from my blog yesterday. I've been enjoying your blog ever since; very funny stuff. And to prove to you that I'm not just a one-dimensional photoshopper, I want to share this warning that was included with a Motorola instruction manual that accompanied a pager I used in the 70's. Note that the Battery Door Ingestion Hotline number is unlisted; even they have limits to the emergencies they'll endure.

- Coop

Cooper Green said...

On closer inspection, I see that you didn't publish my post; your post and mine were next to each other on this blog, a tasteful and apparently very discriminating French site. But you can post my stuff if you like.

- Coop