Monday, July 13, 2009

a good reason to change your name

Ji Shi of Lindong village in China recently changed her name to Yingsi.

She has waited for 18 long years to change it... and when she finally came of legal age, the change was one of the first things on her agenda.

Why? Because in Chinese, Ji Shi means "Chicken poop" (or if you prefer, "Chicken dung.")

When the girl-formerly-known-as-Chicken-poop was very young, she was seriously ill. In fact, her parents thought that she would not survive.

The instructions given to her parents by the local doctor was to cover the little girl with chicken dung in addition to taking her medicine.

As a result of the seemingly bizarre treatment, she was dramatically cured from the disease. In honor of her treatment (and the doctor's suggestion), her parents gave her the embarrassing name.

Although appreciative that she is alive, she has always hated her name. That is understandable:

Miss, could you please give me your name?
Sure, My name is Chicken Dung.

Hey Billy, who is that girl you are dating?
Oh her? That's uh....

No word on what Yingzi means, but you can bet it has nothing to do with chickens or what they leave behind.

via Ananova

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