Thursday, July 30, 2009

her bottom saved her ear

Earlier this year, 27-year-old Julia Schwarz had a fight with her former best-friend, Michaela Bohn, over a boyfriend.

During the fight, Michaela bit off Julia's right ear. Fortunately, Michaela spit out the ear so that it could be salvaged, but initial attempts to reattach the ear failed.

Doctors said that the side of Julia's head needed to heal properly in order for reattachment to be successful. But what could they do with the ear while waiting for the head to heal?

The answer: Julia's bottom.

Doctors made an incision in Julia's backside and stitched the ear to her buttocks. When her head healed, the doctors reattached the ear. They are confident that the ear will not be rejected by Julia's body.

We might guess that the doctors chose that location to be sure it would not be bitten by Michaela again.

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