Friday, July 10, 2009

robber burns get-away car before he gets away

There are certain things in life that must be done in a particular chronological order. For example, if you were planning a robbery, the order must go like this:

1. drive to place you will rob
2. commit the robbery
3. get in car and leave the scene
4. get rid of the get-away car

This may seem pretty basic to most of us. Unfortunately, it wasn't so obvious to a robber in Bournemouth, Dorset UK.

According to Detective Inspector Craig Travers, the unnamed inept robber did it this way:

1. On Monday, he drove to the place he was planning to rob.

2. He intentionally set his car on fire

3. He committed the robbery-- He held up a security guard at the Nationwide building at gunpoint. The guard gave the robber the cash box.

4. Unable to use his flaming car, he ran away on foot.

He was caught in a nearby park a short time later.

D.I. Travers observed, "There was a car that had been driven to the scene and parked in a normal manner nearby by the offender.

"The car was deliberately set fire to by the offender, rendering out of use. We don't yet know why he has done this.

"Normally when you get a robbery a vehicle is used to make off from the scene in and swapped for an exchange car later on, at which point the first car is set alight."

Undoubtedly, the robber is hoping to get out of prison first and then serve his time second.
Bournemouth, Dorset UK

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