Friday, July 24, 2009

you can't know who the criminals are.

Thirty-nine inmates have escaped from the Hollesley Bay prison in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England over the past two years. Thirty-nine.

Who are they? What are their names?

The Ministry of Justice released the number of escapes to the news media (to comply with the Freedom of Information Act) but will not release a list of the fugitive's names because they don't want to violate the fugitive's right to privacy.

In the letter of refusal, a Ministry official explained, "It is the general policy of the Ministry of Justice not to disclose, to a third party, personal information about another person... This is because the Ministry of Justice has obligations under the Data Protection Act and in law generally to protect this information."

Speaking on the side of common sense, Suffolk Coastal MP John Gummer stated, "It's intolerable and entirely unacceptable. There is no sense in which a prisoner's identity is a private matter... This annoys me very much indeed. We have gone mad if this is what we are doing."

We can just imagine the the new wanted posters... see above. [news_bbc_co_uk]

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