Wednesday, July 15, 2009

but he seemed so fun on Aladdin

A family in Saudi Arabia has sued an unnamed tormentor for doing an array of malicious things to disturb them. For example, he is accused of:

--making threatening calls to their cell phones
--throwing stones at their home
--stealing things from their home
--making "strange sounds" around them
--threatening them. (He is is trying to force them to leave their home of 15 years.)

Although the family does not actually know the person or his name (or his true gender, for that matter), they want to move forward with the lawsuit. It is believed that he is doing all these things for revenge or jealousy.

So far, this is a sad story, but hardly odd. Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens too frequently.

What makes this story noteworthy? In this story, the person is being sued is a genie.

Yes, a genie. Think Aladdin.

Although the court recognizes the difficulty of proving such claims, they have been asked to verify the claims against the genie.

No word on the genie's possible name or address. No suggestion as to how the legal papers might be served on the genie or how he might be arrested if found guilty. (Do I have any volunteers to be the guy who tells the genie about his sentence?)
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