Friday, July 17, 2009

deja vu: hotel guests create $50,000 in damage by believing a prank call

If you were staying at a hotel and got a call from someone who instructed you to break the windows in your room by using your toilet... do you think you would be suspicious?

On July 9, Mark and Lisa Kantorski were staying at a Hilton Garden Inn in Florida when they received a phone call from someone who claimed to be a hotel staff member. The person told the Kantorskis that there was a gas leak in the building and that they needed to take immediate steps to avoid disaster.

First, they were instructed to take the back of the toilet and break the windows in the room.

Then, they were told to break a mirror (no explanation for this one).

After that, they needed to take a lamp and smash the wall next to them in order to help free the man in the room next door.

Finally, they were told to throw their mattress out the window and jump to safety.

The Kantorskis obediently did what they were told to do... until the hotel manager arrived and assured them that there was no emergency and that they had been the victims of a prank.

Mr. Kantorsk in classic "blame it on my wife" style said, "When I broke the window, I got suspicious, It didn't seem right, but she (Lisa) was panicking, so I continued,"

The incident created an estimated $50,000 in damage.

This is quite reminiscent of another story posted here where hotel employees in Arkansas created $50,000 damage to another hotel while trying to fix the sprinkler system.
Arkansas story

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